Lives lived between walls

What if everything you are used to, changes in a blink of an eye? It sounds like a plot for a Hollywood science fiction film. But after COVID-19 we know it isn’t. It changed the way we eat, travel, communicate, and live together with friends, family, and strangers. It has put all our certainties aside and no one knows what lies ahead. ‘The night that looked like day’ captures our distorted reality with shots from all over the world.

Empty streets and squares, closed shops, and no one to be seen. As if the night is in broad daylight, and the world is paused for a moment. ‘The night that looked like day’ shows what happens when you wake up one day and the world is no longer the same. A new reality that each of us must learn to deal with. But this film is not about washing hands or keeping as much distance from each other as possible. No, it shows what connects us. Not only here, but all over the world.

Therefore we invited more than 75 international filmmakers, friends, and even friends of friends to capture their sense of place and time. Places where we couldn’t go and film ourselves. The result is a document that shows we are united as one, all over the world. Let’s stay that way, regardless of what is to come.

Directed by

Susanne Opstal


Susanne Opstal, Maarten van Kempen

Production company

Holy Fools


2020 / 7 minutes


Special Mention Film By The Sea (2022)
Shortlist Berlin Commercial Festival (2020)







Nowhere Place

Director’s File